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Collective Unconscious

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Warning: This game contains horror elements
This game may contain jump scares and/or graphic imagery. Player discretion is advised.
Collective Unconscious
Collective unconscious title screen.png
Collective Unconscious's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.1.0 (2024/06/08)


Collective Unconscious Team




RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

June 8, 2024


Minnatsuki Minnatsuki

Nexus Doors







Collective Unconscious is an international collaborative fangame created for the YNOproject website, and is an online-multiplayer game.


The game starts in Minnatsuki's Room, where upon interaction with the totem present in their room, sends the player to the spirit world, in which the setting takes place.

While wandering in the spirit world, the player can find eidola, the equivalent of effects in the game. As of version 0.1.0, there are 8 of them. It is also possible to mix some eidola.

Throughout the spirit world, it is possible to collect book covers that can be used to illustrate the cover of the book in Minnatsuki's Room, menu themes for use with the menu of the game and tracks that can be collected by travelling in the spirit world, that can then be listened in the Treehouse of the Nexus.

There is currently no ending in the game.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact - Z/Space
  • Open Menu - X/Esc
  • Toggle Speed - Shift
  • Eidolon Action - 1
  • Eidolon Subaction - 3
  • Gestures - 5
  • Return - 9


You play as a character named Minnatsuki, who lives most of their life in the spirit world.


Name Image Description
Collective unconscious soulfire eidolon.png
Minnatsuki transforms into a burning wooden idol. Using the action button makes Minnatsuki turns into a lifeless inert wooden idol, and interacting with a creature will often burn and kill them.
Collective unconscious umbra eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes a shadowy figure. Using the action button makes Minnatsuki return to the Nexus.
Collective unconscious rodentia eidolon.png

Collective unconscious rodentia small a eidolon.png

Collective unconscious rodentia small b eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes partially a rat, with rat ears and a rat tail. Using the action button makes Minnatsuki transforms into a small rat.
Collective unconscious lumen eidolon.png
Minnatsuki transforms into a kind of jellyfish creature, lighting up their surroundings and allowing to float over some obstacles.
Collective unconscious youth eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes a child.
Collective unconscious spectral eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes a cryptic humanoid creature with white hair, eyes over their head and whose face is empty. Allow to see things unseen naturally.
Collective unconscious climate sun eidolon.png

Collective unconscious climate rain eidolon.png

Collective unconscious climate snow eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes a weather deity that controls the weather. Using the action button allows to change the current form, while the subaction key sets the weather.
Collective unconscious kalimba eidolon.png
Minnatsuki gets a Kalimba, allowing to play some sounds. Using the action button displays a kalimba on the screen that can be used by pressing keys.

Eidolon Mixes

Name Image Description
Rodentia + Youth
Collective unconscious rodentia youth eidolon.png

Collective unconscious youth rodentia eidolon.png
Minnatsuki becomes a young rat. Depending on the order of the eidola selected, a different design will be used.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.1.0)


Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.1.0

June 8, 2024

X YNOproject.net (Browser Only)

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