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Warning: This game contains horror elements
This game may contain jump scares and/or graphic imagery. Player discretion is advised.
Somnium's Title Screen
Latest Version

Gamma (γ) 2 (2013/07/24)






RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

April 7, 2012


Thomas, W.T Thomas, W.T

Nexus Doors







"Thomas here is Me's neighbour. Unlike most people, Thomas frequently daydreams onto his bed, about various things, varying from cakes to steamwork-like places, passing through digital glitches and rooms."

Somnium is an English Yume Nikki fangame by Isasapiens. The game follows the troubled daydreaming of Thomas, and his interactions with his inescapable companion.

With a similar set of mechanics to LSD: Dream Emulator, dreams contain 'layers' as a core mechanic. You cannot choose where you go, and backtracking is not possible - however, the player can save at any time. The only method of waking up is to discover Thomas' memories, which often appear unrelated to the area they are recovered from.


The most important factor in being able to navigate Somnium is to understand the daydream 'layer' system. There are four endings. Each is accessed based on how many memories the player has collected from each layer; eight memories from a layer are required to obtain its ending. It is recommended to save regularly when hunting for a specific layer's ending.

The game has no effects; the objective instead is to obtain memories, of which up to 4 may be located in the same daydream, each being in a different layer. The deeper the layer, the higher number a memory has. You can save anywhere, even in the middle of a daydream via the menu.

Each time you get a memory, you are warped back to reality with the memory in your menu. Some memories give you the option to take the memory, or to leave it, giving an opportunity to go deeper into the current "layer" of the daydream.

The game isn't as dialogue heavy as games such as The Looking Glass, but Thomas does comment on things from time to time. The game has similarities with N'Oubliez Jamais, in that you collect/search for memories, but has a more traditional exploration mechanic. The memory list per daydream can be found here.


The daydreams seem to be fragments/bits and pieces of Thomas' memories, including thoughts about former events, places, and people. Also, the "layer" of the dream can really make a difference of his view on the daydream. The kind of memories you collect affect the outcome of the game. There are eight needed of a layer for unlocking an ending. Of all four, only the last one has extended playability as another different character.


Version Date Announcement Download
Version Gamma 2

July 24, 2013

Uboachan Dropbox
Version Beta

November 7, 2012

Uboachan Mediafire