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Music tracks from Me (Version 0.05 (Remake)).

Track Location Listen
bgm001 Title Screen
bgm002 Sponge World
bgm003 Bloody Eye World
bgm004 Stake Path
bgm005 Colored Tree Area
bgm006 UFO Landing
bgm007 Handao's House Roads
bgm008 Pencil World
bgm009 MOTHER 3 Area
bgm10 School
bgm011 House Event
bgm012 Ink-Splattered Door Event
bgm013 Hand World
bgm014 Purple Sea
bgm015 Tile Maze
bgm016 Mono Tile Area
bgm017 Space Tiles Path
bgm018 Bleeding Head World
bgm019 Handao's House
bgm020 Sunflower Path
bgm021 Retinoblastoma World

Handao's House Roads (Glitched)

bgm023 Handao's House Roads

(Even more glitched)

bgm024 Snow World
bgm025 Working Factory
bgm026 UFO Room Event
bgm027 Dream Room
bgm028 Neonic Village
bgm029 Stitched Faces Area
bgm030 Igloo World
bgm031 Purple City
bgm032 Purple City (Interior)
bgm033 Pink and Black World
bgm034 Garden Outlook
bgm035 Pink Mountain
bgm036 Building of Truth
bgm037 Building of Truth (Balcony)
bgm038 Dead Tree Plains
bgm039 Pink Mesh Maze
bgm040 Spike Place
bgm041 Purple Plains
bgm042 Cliffside
bgm043 Green Stairs
bgm044 Space Station
bgm045 Blue Rose Maze
bgm046 The Edge
bgm047 Red Hill Area
bgm048 Menu Changing Counter
bgm049 Oracle World
bgm050 256 Area
bgm051 Father's House
bgm052 Green Room
bgm053 Cracked Doll Area
bgm054 Teru Playground
bgm055 Flower Box Path
bgm056 Teru Maze
bgm057 Bloodrock Garden
bgm058 Hydra Path
bgm059 Distorted Doll
bgm060 Bar Path
bgm061 Park Area
bgm062 Park Area Dance Event
bgm063 aerA kraP
bgm064 Gray Platform
bgm065 Color Change Gallery
bgm066 Blue Faces Area
bgm067 Forest Warehouse
bgm068 Water City
bgm069 Roadstrada
bgm070 Watercolor Path
bgm071 Garbage Can Town
bgm072 Earth Maze
bgm073 Yuukoto's Apartment
bgm074 Mushroom Terrarium
bgm075 Sewers
bgm076 Toxic Tiles Path
bgm077 Kaleidoscope World
bgm078 Pink Moon Area
bgm079 Path to Barn
bgm080 Barn
bgm081 Teal Hallway
bgm082 Party House
bgm083 Yellow Fog Maze
bgm83b Sunset Galaxy
bgm083ex Shadowy Hole Event
bgm084 Small Shapes Area
bgm085 Lamps and Posts World
bgm086 Secret Site
bgm087 Corrupted School
bgm88a The Brain
bgm88b The X Field
bgm88c The X House
bgm089 Tentasprout Forest
bgm090 Colorful Brick Building
bgm091 M3's Room
bgm092 Rainbow Forest
bgm093 Blue Rooms
bgm094 Pink Wonderland (Entrance)
bgm094b Pink Wonderland
bgm095 Smoke Bath House
bgm096 Gray City
bgm097 Floating Furniture World
bgm098 Abstract Gallery
bgm099 Glass Slab World
bgm100 Broken Maze
bgm101 Broken Glass World
bgm102 Melting Glass World
bgm103 Rainbow Patch
bgm104a Forest
bgm104b Forest River
bgm105 Funhouse
bgm106 Abstract Painting Area
bgm107 Patchwork World
bgm108 The Clone
bgmunknown White Desert
Bubble Party The Dance Floor
fc1 NES Overworld
fc1b NES House
fc2 NES Glitch
fc3 NES Art Exhibition
fc4 NES Forest
fc4b NES Castle
fc5 NES Orb Location
heartbeat Meat Fields
painedpain Laboratory
pc Fairy Field