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MeRef Sabitsuki.png
MeRef Usotsuki.PNG
MeRef Aya1.png
Urotsuki (うろつき) Sabitsuki (さびつき) Usotsuki (うそつき) Aya (あや)
MeRef Aya2.png
MeRef Aine.png
MeRef Yamitsuki.png
MeRef Kurayami.png
Aya (あや) Aine (あいね) Yamitsuki (やみつき) Kurayami (くらやみ)
MeRef Iratsuki.png
MeRef Isokishi.png
MeRef Yon Goh.png
MeRef Funetsuki.png
Iratsuki (いらつき) Isokishi (いそきし) Yon Goh/No. 4 (4号) Funetsuki (ふねつき)
MeRef Irotsuki.png
MeRef Kamitsuki.png
MeRef Toritsuki.png
MeRef Nagatsuki.png
Irotsuki (いろつき) Kamitsuki (かみつき) Toritsuki (とりつき) Nagatsuki (永付き)
MeRef Furatsuki.png
MeRef Yomika.png
MeRef Takashi.png
MeRef Origamitsuki.png
Furatsuki (ふらつき) Yomika (よみか) Takashi (たかし) Origamitsuki (おりがみつき)
MeRef Kagerou.png
MeRef Eric.png
MeRef Rei.png
MeRef A.png
Kagerou (影朗) Eric Rei (零) A
MeRef Utsutsuki.png
MeRef Shimitsuki.png
MeRef Tatsuki.png
MeRef Lefia.png
Utsutsuki (うつつき) Shimitsuki (しみつき) Tatsuki (たつき) Lefia
MeRef Sakura.png
MeRef Naoto.png
MeRef Mark.png
MeRef Sometsuki.png
Sakura (さくら) Naoto Mark Sometsuki (そめつき)
MeRef Fin.png
MeRef Relic.png
MeRef Nakitsuki.png
MeRef Shirayuki.png
Fin (フィン) Relic Nakitsuki (なきつき) Shirayuki (白雪)
MeRef Kanariya.png
MeRef Aitsuki.png
MeRef Moyatsuki.png
MeRef Tsumetogi.png
Kanariya (かなりや) Aitsuki (あいつき) Moyatsuki (もやつき) Tsumetogi (つめとぎ)
MeRef Kazaguruma.png
MeRef Jose.png
MeRef Chie.png
MeRef Kitsutsuki.png
Kazaguruma (かざぐるま) Jose (ホセ) Chie (ちえ) Kizutsuki (きずつき)
MeRef Sadatsuki.png
MeRef Gorotsuki.png
MeRef Tsumiki.png
MeRef Reika.png
Sadatsuki (さだつき) Gorotsuki (ごろつき) Tsumiki (つみき) Reika (れいか)
MeRef Iwakutsuki.png
MeRef Shidonoko.png
MeRef Al Ree.png
MeRef CapBoy.png
Iwakutsuki (いわくつき) Shidonoko (しどのこ) Al Ree Cap Boy
MeRef Sanagi.png
MeRef Alex.png
MeRef Irene.png
MeRef Natalie.png
Sanagi (さなぎ) Alex Irene Natalie
MeRef Dokutsuki.png
MeRef Fleshchild.png
MeRef Eun.png
Fluorette Dokutsuki Vis Eun
MeRef Thomas.png
MeRef W.T.png
MeRef Nathan.png
MeRef Mewn.png
Thomas W.T Nathan * (Mewn)
MeRef Sophia.png
MeRef Scott.png
MeRef Maria.png
MeRef Itsuki.png
Sophia Scott Maria Itsuki
MeRef Feutsuki.png
MeRef Doug.png
MeRef Anistasia.png
MeRef Ann.png
Feutsuki Doug Bigham Anistasia Ann
MeRef Kikei.png
MeRef Qiu-Qin.png

Kikei (畸形子)

Qiu-Qin (秋琴) Phillip The Batter
Madotsuki (窓付き)


  • When interacting with the paintings of Phillip, The Batter and Shidonoko, there is a 1/63 chance of being teleported to a reference room dedicated to their respective games. Interestingly, the chance of entering the Space Funeral reference room can be changed to 1/31 if the Orifice effect is equipped.