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Official art of Visi with the Doll Effect equipped (Source)
Basic Info
Meaning Possibly derived from "Viscus" Meaning internal organs
Age Newborn
Gender Female



Black with red pupils


White dress


Previously Vis, Visi is the female protagonist of Fleshchild. After obtaining the female brain, Vis became Visi.


Visi's real world appearance is constantly changing as she obtains body parts. Her dream appearance however is of a pale girl with very thick and long black hair and a white dress. She also has red beady-like eyes with red crosses, this is a trait that shows that she's not human.


Visi seems to have little or no knowledge of the world, what she is or much else. All she pretty much does is follow orders her "Mother" gives her.

She has no qualms about hurting other beings. Presumably because she doesn't have human morals and compassion due to being a flesh child, a strange otherworldly creature from deep in a sewer. She solely focuses on completing her goal and nothing else. It seems that's all she really knows.

However; it can be regarded that Visi could have the intelligence of an average young adult as stated by Bleet from one question that was answered in her tumblr, and this is demonstrated throughout the real world considering what actions Visi chooses to do in order to manipulate her victim into falling into her trap and collect their body parts, this could be a trait obviously earned from her brain. However; this does not mean Visi could possibly be capable of feeling human emotions and therefore continue to have no remorse for when she harms other beings.


Visi was born at the start of the game. And as mentioned before she was previously Vis.

After Vis went into laboratory in search of body parts, it found two brains, one female and the other male. Here Vis was given the option to choose one. Vis chose the female brain and smashed the glass jar it was in to retrieve it.

After inserting the brain into it's head, Vis became Visi. Her body than changed to more of a human female form with arms, legs, and a torso that resembles a dress. She also gained the ability to read and run.


  • VisVisi, and Vice have cross markings on their eyes that bear a resemblance to Smile from .flow. The creator said it was unintentional and was simply to show that they aren't human. She stated that she chose to do this to the eyes, because anything else would not be easily visible due how tiny the sprites are.

Other Game Appearances and References

Name Image Description
MeRef Fleshchild.png
A painting of the fleshschildren's dream shirts and reality bodies can be found in the fangame reference gallery.
Physicality (フィジカリティ)
PhysRef Vis.png
A picture of one of the fleshchildren's eyes can be found in the fangame reference stairway.
PSRoseRef ViceVisi.png
A painting with the fleshschildren's face can be found in the fangame reference gallery.