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Fanart of Lefia (Source)
Basic Info
Meaning Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female





Pink and white dress


Lefia is the second playable character in Debris, unlockable after Tatsuki collects all of their effects. Her first appearance is a glitched version of herself on a throne in the hidden room at the palace-like area.


Lefia's faceset icon

Lefia is a princess with long, flowing blonde hair. Pink ribbons/bows are tied into her hair and a golden tiara rests on her head. She wears an extravagant pink and white gown that covers most of her body.


Not much is known about Lefia or her personality due to her short time as a playable character.


Lefia first appears in Tatsuki's dreams, meaning she could possibly be part of their subconsciousness, or someone they don't want to remember. It is unknown if she is related to Tatsuki at all, or if Tatsuki would have succeeded her in taking the throne, but at their first meeting she is shown glitched and static.

Interacting with her shows a black and white picture of her disheveled. She disappears after this, but when Tatsuki wakes up, a red book appears on the floor allowing you to play as her. The playable portion with Lefia has her in what appears to be a different part of the palace area. She has no effects, but rather an inventory with various child-like items such as a ball and building blocks.

There are toy boxes scattered across her world which is restricted to the pages of the book that she puts the items into. Once all items are placed in their boxes, the last page of the book shows what appears to be a very glitched/distorted version of Tatsuki's room. After exiting the front door of this room, the book closes and Tatsuki refuses to open it again.

Leaving Tatsuki's room shows Lefia blocking the path with a darkened expression on her face, and Tatsuki who is holding scissors. You then have the option to turn back to get ED3, or to stab Lefia, who then burns to ashes.

Other Game Appearances and References

Name Image Description
A picture of Lefia's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Debug Room.
A doll of Lefia can be collected and placed in one of the fangame reference rooms.
MeRef Lefia.png
A painting of the top of Lefia's dress can be found next to a painting of Tatsuki's shirt in the fangame reference room.
PhysRef Debris.png
A picture of Tatsuki's and Lefia's outfits patterns can be found in the fangame reference stairway.
RemeRef Lefia.png
A picture of Lefia's outfit can be found in the fangame reference room.
A window of Lefia's outfit can be seen in the Fangames Reference Window Room.
A painting of Lefia's dress can be seen in the fangame reference hall.
YMREF (49).png
A display case with Lefia's outfit colors can be found in the Fangames Reference Showroom.
Yume Fumi
Two shapes with Lefia's pastel colors can be found at the Fangames Reference Room