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Breeze probably has by far the most extensive and detailed Reference Room to date, with every fangame protagonist having their own painting along with a humorous description in each one. They are organized by release year up to 2020 and are located in the Debug Room from the Nexus.

This page is a work-in-progress.

Also, some of the captions may contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk.


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Misotsuki (味噌付き) Miso Nikki (みそにっき)
>>1 (protagonist in very early versions) Yume 2kki (ゆめ2っき)
"Hey was this apartment taken?"
Urotsuki (うろつき) Yume 2kki (ゆめ2っき)


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Piko Yume no Tsuzuki. (ゆめのつづき。)
"Why are you on the site you're supposed to be in RPG Maker"


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Sabitsuki (さびつき) .flow
"Rusty girl"
Kazenori Yume Nikki: Solitude
"Stop it, get some help"
Natalie Dreamscaper
Alex Inspiration
"You're too good to be here, get out"


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Aya (あや) Hallucigenia (ハルキゲニア)
"W - two world"
Aine (あいね) Hallucigenia (ハルキゲニア)
"What's wrong, my child?"
Tsumiki (つみき) M∞N
"Are you alright girl you've seen too many weird things"
Al Ree N'Oubliez Jamais
"The dream came true"
Takashi (たかし) Older
Funetsuki (ふねつき) Tec
"I'm you but stronger"
Sazanami (さざなみ) Ryokou-chuu (旅行中)
"Bobba Hotel"
Nathan The Other Line
"ring ring who's there"
Otetsuki (おてつき) Yoake
Yomika (よみか) Yume Graffiti (ユメ-グラフィティ)
"Spooky Ghost"
Usotsuki (うそつき) Yume Nisshi (夢日誌)
"Go*d Night World"
Protagonist (Yume no Oto) Yume no Oto (ゆめのおと)
Nagatsuki (永付き) Yume Wo. (夢を。)
"Sadly he have bad parents"
Kamitsuki (かみつき) Yume, Shosen Mousou (夢、所詮妄想)
Toritsuki (とりつき) Amnesia
"Am I in heaven?"
Fluorette Answered Prayers
"Pray the sun"
Sadatsuki (さだつき) DayDream
"It's morning and you're still sleeping"
Irotsuki (いろつき) DreaMarbleng (ドリーマーブリング)
"Urotsuki's sister"
Aya (Айа) Dreams of Dead
"cheeki breeki"
Yon Goh/No. 4 (4号) Witoru (うぃとる) Neta Dream
Cap Boy Fushichou no Yume (不死鳥の夢)
Isokishi (いそきし) Madoro-Mu (まどろ夢)
"Stop hitting your car by accident"
Kazaguruma (かざぐるま) Kudaranu Mousou No (くだらぬ妄想の)
Breeze 2010 kazaguruma alt.png
Jose (ホセ) Kudaranu Mousou No (くだらぬ妄想の)
"Jose'ph Josestar "
Chie (ちえ) Lcd Dem
"Memory lost"
Analiese Melodia
"Music is cool"
Maritsuki (まりつき) Matsurikki (まつりっき)
"Yet the festival begins in dream"
Furatsuki (ふらつき) Muyuu (ムユウ)
"Grill Breath"


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Protagonist (4183113) 4185113
"Why does one of the nexus doors have Gameboy creepypasta"
Protagonist (Bizzare) Bizzare
"Dreamer's Bizzare Effect"
Dokutsuki Broken Bottles
"Oh sorry I broke too many bottles"
Sophia Divinity Fatum
Gorotsuki (ごろつき) Dream Book
"Edgiest Girl"
Tatsuki (たつき) Debris
"You are an idiot haa hahaa hahahahahahahahahahaaaa"
Lefia Debris
Thank you Tatsuki but our princess is in another dream"
Shimitsuki (しみつき) If
Kagerou (影朗) Kage, Souzou, In (影・想像・陰)
"Let's go Yon Goh"
Kagero (カゲロー) Kage, Souzou, In (影・想像・陰)
"I hate my life"
Sakura (さくら) Lost † Game
"I want to play a game"
Me Me
"Using eraser to erase everything, how cruel"
* Mewn
"Beep boop"
Protagonist (Miserere) Miserere
"The first one that met aliens before ayy lmao"
Utsutsuki (うつつき) Yume Utsutsu (ゆめうつつ)
"Why this title look like a maze"
Soentsuki (疎遠付き) Nocturne
A NostAlgic
Reika (れいか) Parade
Iwakutsuki (いわくつき) Parade
Mark S//D
"What, this effect I got is fake!? UNFAIR!"
Michi The Door of Thoughts
"Trust nobody not even yourself"
Irene The Looking Glass
"Magic mirror Magic mirror, who's the best protagonist?"
Doro Safety
"Where are we, are we in this darn cave"
lola Safety
Mina Safety: Life is a Maze
"Danger: Death is a Maze"
Eric. UBOK.
"Do you want to have a bad time?"
Yamao (山尾) Yamao-den (山尾伝)
"Call my name wrongly and i'll kill you"
Mukatsuki (むかつき) Yume no Mata Yume (夢のまたゆめ)
"Persona 5"
Tsumetogi (つめとぎ) Yume Noroi (ユメノロイ)
"I'll curse you"
Origamitsuki (おりがみつき) *Illness*
"I'm so Stressed"


Protagonist Game Painting Caption
Qiu Qin (秋琴) Dream Genie (梦鬼)
Relic Farewell
"My little pegasus"
Vis Fleshchild
Maria FLUX
Breeze REF 4.png
"The File Maria1 can not be opened"
Elizabeth R.E.M.

[Apparently not the DDJ game of the same name]

Doug Bigham Gnosis
"Go away or RIOT"
Sanagi (さなぎ) GOCCO (GOCCO)
"Mom's Rice Ball best Rice Ball"
Ann Hide&Seek
"dame dayo"
Eun Hell Diary
"Coal Miner??"
Feutsuki Ignite
"Demon cat"
Moyatsuki (もやつき) Kyomu (虚夢)
Aitsuki (あいつき) Kind Heart
Annie Limbo
"I thought you're floating, hacker"
Protagonist (Memoria) Memoria
"you have mere seconds to live."
Limbo 12am
"Do not play this game at 3AM! (OMG!)"
Naoto Acatalepsy (アカタリプシー)
"π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679"
Fin (フィン) Alive Arrow (アライブ・アロー)
"I'm fine"
Mae Amiha's Nightmare Castle
"Why my apartment become castlevania"
Amihailu Amihailu in Dreamland
"Alice in Wonderland"
Anarchy (Character) Anarchy
Antimony circuitdream.exe
Koji Cyclothymic
"Whats dat title made of"
Protagonist (Dickme Dicki) Dickme Dicki
"Ohai this is OTP"
Lee Jin Hui (이진희) Mong Jung Mong (몽중몽)
"Weather controller"
Niyatsuki (にやつき) Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中)
"Stop laughing"
Nakitsuki (なきつき) Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中)
"Stop crying"
Shirayuki (白雪) Musou Yuugi (夢想遊戯)
"Flea markets around"
Kanariya (かなりや) My Favorite
"Fastest Protagonist in the dream"
Aitsuki (One-WAY) One-WAY
"Her history is no longer exist"
Alyssa One-WAY
"Once you walk in the one-way path, you'll never come back"
Protagonist (Single Line) Single Line
"In and Out"
Itsuki Someday
"|>|_3453 |-|3|_|>|\/|3"
Thomas Somnium
W.T Somnium
Sometsuki (そめつき) Ultra Violet
"Bun bun"
Kazuki Time Traveler
Mai Time Traveler
"I'm so sad that this game is not YN fangame anymore"
Scott Umbra
Kikei (畸形子) Anamorphosis
"Wyrt amv ylv, p mlosblr?"
Inky Lonely Inky
"oh whyyyyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyy whhyyyhyyyy(MLP)"