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Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki


Hello and welcome to the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki!

Newly made fangames are constantly being created, so if you see any outdated information for any article, don't be afraid to correct it!

If you have any information on fangames we don't have a page for, feel free to create it on your own!

Please read our Rules and Guidelines and follow the Page Layout Guides when creating a new article.

Ways to Contribute to this Wiki

  • Make a page for any missing pages and add basic info at least (Something is better than nothing, but don't make a page and only write one sentence.)
  • Update any pages with missing/outdated information
  • Create a gameplay video of a game
  • Write a /walkthrough page for a game

Pages that need attention

Missing Character Pages

Missing Pages linked from another Page

You can check here all the wanted pages that are linked to others articles; walkthroughs, galleries and changelogs especially.

Very Unfinished Pages

Please add any information you know about these pages.